The Number 1 Total Body Transformation Program in Limerick.

The Worlds #1 Total Body Transformation program

Create the best improvements in physique, strength and physical performance in 12-weeks or less. 

Why is the Amazing 12 the Worlds #1 Total Body Transformation Program?


Several factors determine how successful a program really is. These include the programming itself AND the coach. The Amazing 12 was created over a 15 year period by legendary Irish strength and conditioning coach Paul McIlroy. Until 2014 the only way you could’ve experienced these results was training with Paul himself at his Belfast gym.

After changing hundreds of physiques Paul created the most reputable certification program to change even more lives around the world.

I am very honoured to have been selected and certified as an Amazing 12 coach.

Limerick is the newest location to host the safest and most effective physique, strength and physical performance transformation program available today.

What is the Amazing 12 program?

The Amazing 12 is a majority training program, backed up with a healthy nutrition plan. The training is hyper-tailored to every single client for ‘every single training session’ supported by an Ai system that employs mathematics, science and real-world experiences to deliver the most detailed path for the transformation.

Amazing 12 graduates are regular, everyday people just like you and me. Many viewers of the transformation gallery assume the participants are athletes, or have an abundance of time and food preparation time; but really, they are regular people with jobs, families and homes to care for. The A12 program is so well designed that it won’t interfere with your life… but it will make it better!

Your success is tied to our commitment to deliver the best possible results in 12 weeks. 

The Amazing 12 training programs convince your central nervous system that it’s safe to release your inner superhero by means of stretching out your comfort zones in each training session – no crushing out repetitions at all costs. No risking an injury or sacrificing your technique – just safe, very well designed programming built around your abilities.

“The Life I Deserve”

Safely and comfortably stretch out gains in your strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, and cardiovascular conditioning simultaneously, and at levels you never before thought possible naturally. We’ll teach you how to perform each movement with the best techniques for your safety and progress. We’ll show you how to nurture yourself with great food and eating habits.

Created and perfected over the past 15 years by programming genius Paul McIlroy, the program provides you the best results with very detailed coaching methods taught by a select few certified coaches around the world.

Every Amazing 12 coach will help and teach you optimise 3 key areas for your success for both during the A12 experience and thereafter. The skills you will master will be very applicable once you graduate your Amazing 12 journey.

Optimisation #1

Technique is paramount in all facets of life and especially when concerned with optimising your physical endeavours. Strength and safety go hand-in-hand so when you’ve got 12 weeks to accomplish a mission, your safety and refining technique are top of the agenda.

Yes, that’s me. I am an A12 Graduate too.

Optimisation #2

Nutrition is often quoted as being number 1 for body composition changes. The reality is that a great program can out perform the outcomes of just a diet. The Amazing 12 nutrition program is solid, simple and effective at supporting the training sessions for recovery and adaptation.

“Anyone can starve themselves to a six-pack, but end up being incredibly weak – who wants that?”

Optimisation #3

The programming is king in the Amazing 12 process. Far beyond any other system, it continually adjusts to your individual abilities throughout the 12 weeks.

There is NO chasing pain. There is NO failed reps.

The best way to make profound progress in the shortest possible time frame is to NEVER leave your comfort zone, but instead to expand it until it envelopes your limits.

Your Coach:

Jamie Hunter, owner operator MoveStrong and the Amazing 12 Limerick

“Your body is wonderfully made to move and be strong. You should proudly do your best to see what you can do and how good you can feel.”

You could be about to change your life forever! If you sign up you will be taking part in our world famous body transformation program that has helped thousands of people just like you achieve amazing results!

If you are committed to yourself and the program, you will join the rank of these successful graduates. I am committed to helping you throughout the process, with honesty, integrity and heart. 

This isn’t one of those ‘you are good enough’ or, ‘become the new you’ programs. You are already awesome but have somehow become trapped behind what you feel and see. In honesty, most people are not happy with who they are, how they feel and what they see in the mirror. This is not shaming, it’s just fact.

Following this transformation program can help you meet the real you. The ‘you’ who can be strong, fit, agile; the ‘you’ who can choose a better lifestyle and the ‘you’ who can inspire your children and the people around you. 

YOU can become the superhero inside of yourself. 

And if you are not quite ready for the full transformation programme, why not ask about the newest A12 For Life programme.

If you are ready to meet the real YOU in 2023, contact me now to learn how to start.

The Amazing 12 Limerick Wave #6 is starting from the end of April 2023

To arrange a consultation to learn more and secure your place on the Amazing 12, please get in touch ASAP.

The Amazing 12 holds proprietary information that Amazing 12 coaches do not disclose, only to be used directly with clients. This information is not available through any other gym or website.